Titlbar Date-Time

Titlbar Date-Time 2.27

Displays the date and/or time on the right hand side of the titlebar

Titlbar Date-Time is a program that will display the date and time on the right of every titlebar displayed in Windows.
This way, you will have this information displayed in the window of every active program. The program will obtain that data from the computer´s internal clock. This can be helpful if you need to know the exact time at every moment.

Titlebar Date-Time will show a tiny icon in the system tray. Right-clicking on that icon you will access to a context menu. The first entry, "Show TBDT Dialog" will give you access to all the program functions. You can use this dialog to configure how you want the program to display the date and time information (abbreviations, time format, seconds, year, text color, background color, etc.). You can also access a two-month calendar, minimize the dialog to the system tray or terminate the program. The rest of the entries will let you set the program to start on every Windows startup, hide date and time, show seconds or not, or access the calendar directly.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It works in every active window, in every version of Windows


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